Mission Statment

The mission of the Chinese Union of Seventh-day Adventists is Kingdom Growth. It is to call all people to become disciples of Jesus Christ, to proclaim the everlasting gospel embraced by the three angels’ messages (Revelation 14:6-12), and to prepare those living in our territories for Christ’s soon return.

Guided by the Bible and the Holy Spirit the Chinese Union of Seventh-day Adventists pursues this mission through Christ-like living, communicating, discipling, teaching, healing, and serving.                    

In harmony with Bible revelation, Seventh-day Adventists see as the climax of God’s plan the restoration of all His creation to full harmony with His perfect will and righteousness. 

Called by God, guided by the Bible, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Chinese Union will encourage Seventh-day Adventists in our territories to devote themselves to:

1. Christ-Like Living:  We commit ourselves to living like Jesus - lives that demonstrate the principles of the Kingdom such as love, morality and unity.

2. Christ-Like Communicating:  We resolve to use every personal and corporate communication tool at our disposal to communicate the Three-Angels Message with those living in our circle of influence so as to grow the Kingdom of Christ.

3. Christ-Like Discipling:  We are committed to grow in our friendship with Christ and to follow Him whole-heartedly, and will continue to find ways to equip ourselves so as to more effectively share the Gospel with others.

4. Christ-Like Teaching:  We will listen to Him speak to us daily through His word, and will in turn obey and live a life dedicated to honoring Him and growing His Kingdom.

5. Christ-Like Healing:  We resolve to personally embrace the principles of healthful living as well as to personally and corporately extend the healing ministry of Jesus wherever we can.

6. Christ-Like Service:  We will strive to personally and corporately be the hands of Jesus in ministering to those that suffer around us.

Last Updated March, 2016.