Inmates follow Jesus through baptism



Pastor John Leeman baptises an inmate at Teoumaville church. [Photo courtesy of the South Pacific Division]

Apr 13, 2019  |  Port Vila, Vanuatu

Seventeen inmates from the me­dium-risk prison in Port Vila, Vanuatu were baptized on Sabbath, March 23 at Teoumaville Seventh-day Adventist Church as a result of the church’s prison ministry.

The inmates were escorted to the church by cor­rectional officers in prison vehicles. A number of government dignitaries witnessed the baptism, including First Political Advisor of Internal Affairs, George Naunun, and di­rector of correctional services Johnny Marango. Elders from several Adven­tist churches in Port Vila were also present.

"The prison ministries from churches have made our rehabili­tation programs effective,” Marango said. "It releases a lot of tension . . . it has prepared them to go back to their communities as changed persons.”

Teoumaville is one of the churches on Efate that is active in prison ministry. Head Elder Jackson Miake said, "Our prison ministry has a leader who was nominated and voted in our meetings because we see the need in our prisons.”

Each Sabbath minister Jack Tahun and Jackson Noal have a one-hour worship program with the prisoners. Their ministry started a few years ago. At the start they spoke about topics that motivated, encour­aged and brought hope to the inmates.

Tahun said, "We do this min­istry because Jesus said in His Word, ‘When I was in prison you visited me.’”

Prior to the baptism, Teoumaville church pastor John Leeman presented a message on the life of Paul, with the 17 inmates and correctional service officers seated in the pews. Lee­man said, "Sometimes God chooses people who are terrible sinners and changes them to men and women He could use in His work.”

Last year two baptisms were conducted for inmates in the low-risk prison. Twelve inmates were baptized in Epauto church and another 12 were baptized inside the prison.





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